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Posted by Denkolimited on January 18, 2019
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DENKO Properties elite loyalty card is a card that benefits any client that buys any property from DENKO Properties Limited. The card uses a simple reward system.

Frequent customers (from a single purchase or multiple purchases) of any DENKO Properties are given this card

This card guarantees you the client among other benefits, the following;

  1. A wide range of Rewards. Whether it’s a discount on the next subsequent purchase from DENKO Properties limited. Any client who purchases automatically gets to be an elite member and subsequently gets some discount offer (monetary) on the subsequent purchase of the same product or different product
  2. Special customer treatment example whenever DENKO Properties launches a new property or project, you our esteemed card holder are given first priority in terms of viewing and subsequently purchase of the same ensuring, that you our esteemed customer gets to choose the best and better-placed properties first.
  1. Basically, with our elite card, we have negotiated a special discounted price for any of our cardholders for any fresh produce that they will buy from Green Gro. The discount varies from 5% to 10% of fresh produce bought subject to minimum purchase amounts
  2. Any DENKO Properties client who refers a client and he or she purchases gets rewarded in form of either monetary  from Denko Properties or in form of Produce from Green Gro limited

This will apply to both corporate and retail customers in their portfolio.

We will be updating more benefits as soon as they are introduced.

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